PELIN - Pilates Docent

Pilates has for a long time been a part of my life, due to many sport injuries and problems of everyday modern living. Working first in a corporate environment and then in the academia, sitting behind a computer most of the time caused me a lot of lower back pain. In addition to that, because of my knee injury I had to stop with other sport activities and pilates has proven to be the most effective and safest movement practice for me. Not only it has been a solution to my physical problems, but also I have become stronger and more flexible. That is how and why my love for pilates turned into a professional training with a BASI (Body Arts and Science International) certificate. Having personally experienced how pilates transformed my physical condition, my main goal of teaching pilates is to help people become aware of their body and build stronger muscles for improving their postural structure, as well as to focus on the mind&body connection through mindful and pleasantly flowing classes.


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