Pami Parker - Reiki & COACHING

Internationally known as a dynamic and enthusiastic health and wellness coach, teacher and massage therapist. As a result of my Holistic Health and Wellbeing coaching, massage techniques, meditation and Ayurvedic lifestyle teachings, students report that they feel better, look better and live a more balanced life.  

I am known for practicing what I preach. The world of body/mind/spirit practice revitalized my life after 20 years working within a stressful American corporate executive lifestyle. I utilize similar methods and approaches with my clients that helped me heal and transform my own life. It is my intension to share these powerful tools and be a compassionate guide for my clients so that they may experience a healthier, happier and more peaceful way of life. 

I recently moved to the Netherlands (for the love of a Dutchman). Currently my practice is spoken in English only.  However, I am highly motivated to learn Dutch and actively contribute to the health and wellness of the Amsterdam community.


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