Hi, my name is Olga and I am a certified yoga teacher based in Amsterdam, Netherlands, experienced in Hatha, Vinyasa flow and Ashtanga yoga.
I offer accessible yoga classes and other 'active life' events to people that would like to be and stay active in every stage of their life.

Here’s my story. I’ve been practising Yoga since 2010. I discovered it at a moment when I lost the balance between my family and job as a lawyer. I lost my personality and forgot about my interests. Even an exhausting one-hour daily session of running was no longer enough to help me sleep at night. Eventually, I decided to add Yoga classes to my stressful daily routine. And It was love at a first sight! After the very first practice, my curiosity and interest were awaken. Besides, getting this feeling of being connected with myself physically, mentally, spiritually… it got me hooked up in an instant and for good.   
That’s how my Yoga journey begun. I was (and I still am) curious and eager to learn and explore more. I want to discover all traditions, styles, teachings. Every class I attend, every book I read reveals a bit of philosophy, a lot of inspiration, love and creativity. Now Yoga is my life.
Up until now, I’ve experienced the balance of Integral Yoga, the simplicity of Sivananda Yoga, the creativity of Vinyasa Flow Yoga, the power of Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga, the challenge of Yin Yoga, the energy of Prana Flow Yoga and the magic of working with kids. Every tradition, every class, every minute as a student, disciple and a teacher inspire me to create my own teaching style and build my personal presence in the Yoga room. Today I invite you to experience Yoga with me.
Happiness. Peace. Freedom. Light. Calmness. Flexibility. Power. Gratitude. Creativity. Courage. Connection. Fun. 

That’s what I practice in and out of the classroom as a passionate life-long Yoga learner and a devoted teacher. Join me on this journey.