My name is Marjon, I love to explore the meaning of life and universe’s hidden treasures.

I’m a yoga practitioner and try to implement the yoga philosophy into my daily life. Yoga is so much more than just a physical exercise and I’m excited the insights of yoga and meditation with the western world.

To tell the story of our own reality to the real people.

To share. To connect. To find stillness.


When I was 17 years old and finished high school, I felt like I had to go to university. Even though I didn’t feel really connected with any of the studies, I decided to study Media and Culture. I enjoyed studying a lot; learning, writing and philosophizing about news, movies, language and other media outlets resonated at that time with my interests and believes. In my second year of my bachelor degree I decided to study abroad for half a year. By that time I thought it was just a coincidence that instead of Liverpool, I was placed at the other side of the world in Sydney. I couldn’t predict how Australia would chance the direction of my life journey. Australia became the embodiment of opportunities in the world. It introduced me to the spaciousness and freedom, and I started to connect more with myself. I discovered my interest in nature and felt there’s more to life than the way in which our society directs us.

Back home I felt back into my routine again, keeping in mind that I wanted to chase this gut feeling after finishing my degree. Beginning of 2015 I left home for 6 months again, this time with no plan but to travel Asia. I got my Scuba Dive Certificate in the Philippines, hiked in two weeks the Annapurna Circuit in Nepal, enjoyed the most stunning beaches of Malaysia, got to know the full moon parties in Thailand and felt in love with the lush green nature and genuine population of Indonesia. Back home I decided to complete my studies by doing a Master degree in Journalism & New Media. Again, I threw my whole heart in it, did the best I could and I enjoyed writing my thesis a lot. I decided to finish my Master with an internship abroad and chose to go to Suriname for three months. I worked for 10 Minuten Jeugdjournaal, a daily journal for kids with the latest international and local news. An unforgettable experience to integrate into the Suriname culture. Though I enjoyed telling visual stories, I felt like I wanted to discover more of the world..

Being possessed of traveling the world and leaving my home for a longer period of time, I again packed my belongings together and left home. In 5 months I traveled through Myanmar, Sri Lanka and again Nepal. I loved life, enjoyed every moment to the fullest, but I was aware of the fact that I was chasing ‘highs’ in life by going from one highlight to the next: one day diving deep in the hidden treasures of the ocean to climb up a mountain before sunrise the next day.

Though it was these discoveries with the magnificent beauty of the universe that made me realize how precious our life on this planet is and we should make the most of our time on this world. September 2018 I felt like I had to go ‘one more time’ on a long journey. India has been calling me for years, but I never felt ready to embrace the bustle of India’s street. And now I was. Four weeks later I flew to Goa, which became surprisingly my home for five months.

In Goa I unexpectedly attended a Yoga Teacher Training Course straight away. One month I was fully immersed in the yoga philosophy, and suddenly it all came together. All I was chasing in my travels, it all started to make sense now. And because I was opening and following my heart, the universe started to open up for me as well. Life started to flow, and I felt more and more connected with this universal flow.

After finishing my YTTC, I also attended a Meditation Teacher Training Course and I discovered the wonderful benefits of Yin yoga by doing a Yin Yoga Teacher Training. Also I immersed myself in Buddhism and its philosophy and I had the opportunity to attain two life changing meditation courses.

During one of these courses I felt like I was ready to go home. I found home in myself, and I no longer felt the need to chase the ‘highs’ in life at the other side of the world. I found that wherever I am, I can always feel at home. But I also felt like sharing all I have learned with the people in The Netherlands.

I think there is a reason why people are born in the place that they are born in, there is a purpose and meaning behind it. I also do believe that life has no coincidences. Life was pulling me to Sydney in 2012, sending me to India in 2018, and back to The Netherlands in 2019. Now I feel grounded, calm and centered and ready to share my experiences with like minded people. To bring more stillness, grounding and meaning in our lives.