MARIALUISA - pilates

Marialuisa, originally from Sicily, Italy is a professional dancer and a Pilates

Teacher, based in Amsterdam.

At the age of 6 she started practicing artistic Gymnastics, soon finding her feet for dance discovering her inner passion for communication through movement.

She began her professional dance education in her hometown and relocated to Amsterdam in 2011 to embrace the vibrant creative arts scene and broaden her experience across multidisciplinary performing arts.

Since then has taken part in many projects, performances, dance festivals around the Netherlands working as well for the Dutch National Opera & Ballet, in addition to teaching modern and contemporary dance at all levels in Amsterdam.

Pilates has always been a major part of her dance training, practice and teaching keeping her in shape and helping with injury prevention and recovery.

She studied the KinetiCode Pilates Method to become a certified instructor to

enable a safe working and teaching environment focused on injury prevention

during performance. Marialuisa believes focusing on good alignment, core

strength and stability are the keys to ensuring that both clients and students are

performing with a proper technique, which will improve their biomechanical

intelligence and reduce the risk of injuries during and after performance.