I'm Margaret  and I’m a certified Kineticode Pilates, BarreFloor instructor and Yin Yoga coach, followed by 8 weeks of Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) course and Non Violent Communication (NVC) courses. I continuously explore different types of movements and mindfulness practices so I blend bits and pieces from different styles. I very much work with intuition which I also emphasise during the class- listen to your body, it’s your temple and you know it the best what servers you the most at a given moment. While the classes can be challenging physically or mentally, there is always a portion of humour and joy to feel safe and encouraged to continue this adventure.

My mission and dream is to create and facilitate space for physical and mental development and healing where people can connect to their bodies and hearts.

I want to empower students to feel good - not to feel that everything is easy and without any effort, but feeling strong, physically and mentally, will eventually make you feel good even during challenging moments, - finding ease and confidence in discomfort. That’s where the change happens and where the transformation takes place. Healing and inner peace will follow naturally. Even if you focus on your muscles and stamina only, it can all translate to your everyday life.

Finding inner peace and becoming friends with your inner self will only bring great stuff - inner peace means outer peace and kindness.

Coming from corporate background, holding managerial positions. I know how stressful and tense life and work environment can be. I know what exhaustion, (time) pressure, expectations for success and stigmatisation of failure feel. That’s why, I use my experience both from my “corporate world” and my body work in order to help people, including myself. And here I am now ready to help you feel great again and nourish your inner balance and peace!