Hi! I am Costanza, one of the international members of the school. As a yoga instructor my objectives are to help yogis that come from all levels of experience, to make them feel comfortable in their practice and safely learn each posture. Unifying the knowledge learnt in India with the occidental vision learnt in Europe, I offer a practice where both worlds can meet in harmony. Combining the principles of yogic philosophy, meditation and breathwork, the practice becomes a full experience. Another goal is to create a motivating and inspiring class where everyone can feel safe and open to connect with themselves on a deeper level. My aim is to bring unity of mind, body and spirit! Using music as a pillar and my voice as the guide, I intend to take each student into a journey they won't forget. Apart from doing yoga I'm a breathwork teacher and I coach through podcasts and videos, which I invite anyone interested to check them out. (Tribe Tales)


Coming back to the connection with Earth and the connection towards our own self, we can find the space to just be. When we are just being we find there's so much love available to us. With awareness we can create a personal revolution which can transcend further into the world. I desire to connect each student with their own power to transform anything they want in their lives and welcome everyone who wants to join this adventure within themselves. I am happy to be a friend on your path.