I am an Amsterdam based dancer-yogini and yoga teacher being in love with everything that inspires me to flow, dance and fly smoothly through this life.

I've been doing gymnastics and dancing since my age of 6 and I met yoga 15 years ago during my dancing years and it really was love at first try.

I have learnt several lineages - hatha, iyengar, ashtanga, vinyasa, aerial-yoga..

My biggest call is to support people in the process of finding balance, inner love&beauty, peace and completeness.

Authenticity and creativity are my essence. I love combining traditional yoga and the chakra system with dance techniques and music.

I offer and share classes&workshops in the form of moving meditation connecting to our inner guides and enjoying the practice from deep within. I focus on synchronizing the movements with the breath, generating a beautiful uplifting energy (prana) to the sound of music. I work in synchronicity with the Nature and love using its elements & symbols.