Introduction to the Chakras and Energetic body

Experiencing asanas through the chakras, their elements and symbols

This workshop will be introducing you to the Chakras and the energetic body - Pranamay Kosha. We will be learning about the elements related to each chakra ( Earth, Water, Fire, Air, Space) and their Symbols. After the theory part, we will be experiencing how to use these elements and symbols in our asana practice, will study specific asanas in details and flow them together building creative sequences moving from the physical to the more subtle syncronising breathe with movement.


What do you learn:

  •  chakras
  •  synchronizing breathe with movement
  •  asana practice with 5 elements

About the teacher:

Emese is an Amsterdam based dancer-yogini being travelling and teaching internationally. She is in love with everything that inspires her to flow, dance and fly smoothly through life. 
She's been doing gymnastics and dancing since the age of 6. Her introduction to yoga 15 years ago inspired her interest in the comparison and love for dance. 
Emese’s practice stems from several lineages - Hatha, Iyengar, Ashtanga, Vinyasa, and aerial yoga. Through this understanding, she has created a unique fusion combining asanas with specific dance elements.

She offers classes and workshops in the form of moving meditation. Connecting to our inner guides and enjoying the practice from deep within. She focuses on synchronizing the movements with the breath, generating a beautiful uplifting energy (prana) to the sound of music. She works in synchronicity with the elements and symbols of nature (Air, Sun, Water, Earth, Ether) and the Chakras.


Teacher: Emese

Language: English

Costs: 29 Euro

Date: Saturday 20 January

Tima: 14:00- 16:30

Locatie: Yogaschool Noord NDSM, Plotterstraat 24

BELANGRIJK: Geen bevestiging ontvangen maar wel betaald? Stuur ons dan een e-mail. Dan kijken wij of je boeking goed is doorgekomen.