Women of the New Moon – monthly women gathering

Womanhood - Sisterhood - Connection


Scary maybe?
Since the woman actually knows. She deeply feels you. She receptively drinks in your words. Yet, Shall we choose to rise together? With profound inner wisdom. Of magic and ritual. Of structure and care. Of love and compassion. Of truth, presence and power. In connection to our true essence.

Together with Karlijn Kabira Yogaschool Noord introduces The New Moon events: monthly women gatherings with different meditations, based around a specific theme, anchored in trust. You can experience some of the most impactful, nourishing, deep, orgasmic and connecting goddess practices. From forgiveness rituals to conscious touch, womb healing, heart-opening meditations and more...


August: Mother Line 

You are not alone. You didn't arrive into this world out of nothing. Through a womb that carried you. Given through another womb. Blood to blood. When we are disconnected from our family line, we can feel lost or isolated. 

In this evening we connect to the gifts of our feminine ancestral line. Mothers. Our mothers' mothers. We clear what's in the way of feeling deeply grounded, supported, confident and full of trust in the decisions that we make. 

Expect some grounded magic! 


September: An Open Heart 

How much do you actually love? Truly? Totally?

Love flourishes at the base of acceptance. Myself, as a woman and my reflections of womanhood in my sisters. Resentment, jealousy and comparison can often feed separation.

In this evening we enter a space of healing of the heart. Of coming back to connection, truth and compassion for our peers. Of coming back to our natural state. To our biggest asset: that of loving all deeply and truly. 

October: Healing Intuition 

Are your eyes open? To receive the 'funny' coincidences that are constantly there? 

Our intuition is constantly feeding us with information. On what to do. What to say. What to experience. What to initiate. When to receive. Through our senses we receive the unspoken information effortlessly. We feel guided and in trust.

In this evening we connect to our inner wisdom and clarity. Our natural intuition. We create space in ourselves for the natural flow to arise. To heal. To create. To know.

November: Gossip, Lies and Truths 

How often do you tell little lies? Smile instead of speak up? 

You are invited to an evening of conscious sharing, of opening up in truth. Of giving this gift to ourselves, of receiving others. Gathering feedback. Getting insights, knowledge and wisdom. Moving through our challenges, patterns and obstacles in daily lives. Sharing from an open heart, with the intention to expand in our authentic selves. Communication as a meditation.

Love as a byproduct of the truth. 

December: Accelerate and Thrive 

Sex magic rituals, clearings and aligned intention. Clearing the old. Creating space for the new. 

Women circles have always deeply understood the laws of manifestation, of creating magic. In this evening we enter conscious creation of our insights. Releasing stories of the past, calling in the new. Accessing our power, to create anything that we attract.


We start with a short guided meditation. The programme is constantly tailored to group dynamics and presence. Foundational elements include:

  • Guided opening meditation & intention setting
  • Arriving into the body
  • Practises & deep dive
  • Conscious sharing
  • Closing meditation

Practices can include breath work, movement, dance, Psychology, sound, touch and visualization. Designed and blended to make you feel nourished and total when you leave.


Every month we choose to come together around the new moon. As the new moon represents a new lunar eclipse, this is the perfect opportunity to go inwards, reclaim your centre and anchor a fresh start. We build community for deep healing and transformation.


Every human being balances the polarity of an inner masculine and feminine essence. Yet, in these events we choose to come together with the people that have female genitalia and/or identify as a woman. No specific experience with meditation or spirituality is required. An open or curious mind and heart are encouraged. '



  • Practices are solo practices and can be done in 1.5-meter distance from each other
  • There is a max. no of 16 spots to have enough space for yourself
  • Hand sanitizer and walking instructions will be available
  • Please honour your own inner wisdom in greeting others. A namaste from distance is fine too, a hug only if both of you consciously consent.



"I felt your dedication, strength, compassion, empathetic and full presence with all your grace, intelligence wisdom, beauty, and awareness to the healing process. I am deeply touched." - Tarika


“Oervertrouwen in mijn vrouw zijn en de sisterhood. En hoe je mensen zo diep in zichzelf en in een connectie met elkaar krijgt door jouw aanwezigheid.. Ik heb veel geleerd.” - K


"Je komt bij een diepe dimensie van je vrouwzijn en vooral door met veel anderen te ervaren voelt je hele zijn om er te zijn." - W


"The Goddess Temple was such a lovely space in which 'weird things, did not feel weird anymore'. I have never experienced this before" - E


"I am feeling a lot of subtle sensations in my body today and can connect easily to the silence within me. Or how do I call this pace, where everything is silence and love and shining... <3" - M


Price: €29

Location: 18 Oct, 15 Nov, 13 Dec: Nachtegaalstraat 157
Language: In English, unless all students are Dutch.


Karlijn Kabira is an open, intuitive, honest, expressive Tantrika with a passion for self-realization, personal transformation and consciousness. She holds a MSc in Psychology, is a certified Tantra and Hatha Yoga Teacher and has a background in leadership development and change management at a global consulting firm. She has been facilitating Personal Transformation workshops for over 10 years. Kabira creates a down-to-earth, intuitive and humorous spiritual path for herself and others, combining western and eastern philosophies and techniques.