Join Kat for this special, seasonally themed workshop, that combines yoga and ayurveda, to help you feel energised and well this winter.

Colder months and darker days can often dampen our internal fire, leaving us feeling lethargic and like we’ve lost our spark, rather than burning bright.

Based on insight from Ayurveda, India’s ‘Science of Life,’ Kat will guide you through a warming, replenishing yoga practice that aims to gently kindle your inner vibrancy and rejuvenate you from the inside out, so you feel more comfortable, content and connected.

The intention of the practice will be to ignite your digestive fire, release stagnation that occurs when we are in colder climates and lift your spirits. It will include plenty of mindful, mobilising movement on the breath to help ease the connective tissues and sooth cold, stiff muscles, as well as some more dynamic posture work and pranayama.

To complete the afternoon, Kat will share some practical, wholesome and holistic Ayurvedic advice on small diet and lifestyle modifications you can make that promote good seasonal self-care.

What do you learn?

The workshop includes a 90-minute yoga practice, followed by an informal 30 minute chat on Ayurvedic wellbeing tips for winter.

  • Ayurvedic tips and tricks to take better care of yourself this winter.
  • A warming, replenishing yoga sequence, that will help to ignite your inner fire.
  • Appropriate diet and lifestyle modifications suitable for the season.


People often ask me what style of yoga I teach. The truth is over the years it has become a fusion of styles steeped in various disciplines, learnings and experiences that now combine and filter through me as I cherry pick what to offer you.

I am not married to one method, teacher or philosophy, instead I look at my students and aim to offer them an experience that is meaningful, relevant and available both on and off the mat.

At the heart of everything I do is the intention to bring you home to the heart of you.


Date: Saturday 27 January 2018

Time: 14:00 - 16:00

Price: 25 EURO

Docent: Katherine Smith

Language: English

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