The mindful parenting course for you and your toddler

FREE for low incomes*

Amazing to watch your toddler develop and discover the world. But then there are tantrums or relapses in sleeping or potty training. It can be frustrating, especially when you are low on energy. When you parent mostly on auto-pilot, you get out of balance and start loosing out on the good times.

During Mindful with your Toddler you develop mindfulness within yourself, and in the relationship with your toddler. Mindfulness helps you to attune to your toddler’s needs, to parent with calm and awareness, and at the same time, to take better care of you. This enables you to show your toddler a healthy attitude towards needs and boundaries, and together you enter a positive upward spiral.

The course has been proven to be effective, and supports the development of toddlers.


In this course you learn:

  • mindful parenting
  • applying mindfulness in your own life
  • reading the needs of your toddler
  • deal with parental stress
  • create space for you 

and you get:

  • meditation techniques 
  • exercises for you and your toddler
  • space to share experiences
  • background information  

Is this course for me?

Mindful with your Toddler is for parents or care-givers and their toddlers (between 18 months and 4 years old at the starting date). The course is designed for people without experience in mindfulness. Because the focus is on the family setting, it is also very valuable for people who already practice mindfulness.

Mindful with your Toddler is for everyone who wants to experience this special period with full awareness. It is especially effective with (parental) stress, feelings of depression, or burn-out related complaints. Because the effectivity of mindfulness is scientifically proven, it is sometimes possible to partially re-emburse the cost with your health insurance.


* A free course or discount? 

The course is evidence based, and continuously evaluated. You are invited to participate in the research by developers UvA Minds, and in exchange you will get discount, or you can even join for free, when your income is up to 140% of social minimum. Contact Loes for more information.

The group course

  •  For parents and their toddlers of 18 months to 4 years
  • 9 weekly sessions of 2 hours + follow-up session
  • Session 5 to 9 together with your toddler
  • Daily home practice of 20 – 30 minutes
  • Personal intake
  • Small groups of max. 6 adults
  • Workbook and audio are included
  • Price: 495 EUR incl. VAT
  • Price: 595 EUR excl. VAT for employers
  • 125 EUR discount or free, when joining research
  • Often partially reimboursed by insurance

Dates: to be announced

Yogaschool Noord NDSM

Plotterstraat 24  |  1033RX Amsterdam


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'Loes is there for me as a seasoned tour guide. She knows the terrain through and through and she is not afraid. I feel that. And with that she helps me.' - Helen


Loes Glandorff is VMBN certified. In 2012 she followed mindfulness training as relapse prevention for depression and burnout. Since then, her outlook on life has changed completely: "For me, life is a wonderful adventure and mindfulness gives me the clarity to embrace it and navigate through it."

Loes lives with partner and daughter in Amsterdam-Noord. Mindfulness is a steady force to live family life with compassion and joy.


Loes also teaches 'Mindful with your baby' and 'Mindful with your toddler', as well as individual courses in both Dutch and English.


'The mindfulness training was a real eye opener. Loes has a very pleasant way of teaching. In the beginning I had trouble practicing at home, but as the training progressed I could become milder towards myself and that was exactly when I started to practice more effortlessly. Loes knows how to convey this like no other, with a lot of peace and patience and a very pleasant voice. ' - Ellen