MINDFULNESS Training in English


Mindfulness simply means: being aware of your experience in this very moment. It is being present with an open attention for the here and now. Mindfulness helps you to enjoy beautiful moments more vividly and to deal with stress consciously and effectively.


We can often find ourselves navigating on auto-pilot, watching life passing us by. Or we get stuck in unhealthy mental habits that we have little control over. Stress, depression or lack of enjoyment, they all have their roots in automatic reactions that we are unaware of.


When life doesn't go our way, mindfulness can create the awareness to make conscious and healthy decisions. As you learn to direct your attention, you will recognize your automatic reactions faster and faster. Simply being aware of them will create space for new possibilities and ease with how things are. Mindfulness helps you to live life to the fullest.


'For me, mindfulness has proven to be very practical and applicable. Mindfulness helps me to judge less, and to be gentle towards myself and others.' - Martje

Why follow a mindfulness training?

Just being present may sound simple, but it is not easy. The auto-pilot can be firmly embedded in our mind. By training mindfulness you can increasingly see where your attention is and choose consciously what you want to focus on. Awareness is a skill that you gradually build up by practicing daily.


The MBSR / MBCT mindfulness training course is a solid attention training, in which you learn exercises that make you physically and mentally fit and resilient to stress. The effectiveness of the program has been scientifically proven over the past 35 years, so you don't have to believe in mindfulness to benefit from it..


What you learn during this training:

  • Focus attention and develop awareness
  • Recognize automatic reactions and make healthier choices
  • Dealing consciously with stressful and difficult moments
  • Practicing with different mindfulness techniques
  • Apply mindfulness in daily life in a way that suits you

'Great training, including some homework and exercises. Serious course.'  – Maurice

'The training has brought me: taking away the pressure I put on myself, and leaving the problem where it belongs.' - Wick


For whom?

The mindfulness training is valuable for anyone who could use some extra awareness. In particular, the training is effective in dealing with (work) stress, burnout, (light) depression, anxiety and insomnia. That is why many insurance companies reimburse this training! Check the Zorgwijzer for the conditions.


Lessons: 8 group sessions of 2.5 hours and an extra practice day.

Homework: about 50 minutes daily.

Location: Maanzaal in Yogaschool Noord, Nachtegaalstraat 157, Amsterdam Noord.

Costs: € 450 incl. VAT (private) € 550 excl. VAT (corporate); including personal interview, teaching materials, audio files, tea and cookies. 






Achim Heine started to meditate a lot daily when he was 19 years old. From interest and a certain doubt about how he could live a positive life in this society. Now, again 21 years later, he is still amazed every day by the self-regulating effect of the simple mindfulness exercises. That is why he is confident to offer mindfulness training courses in order to share his long-term experience. He is certified by the VMBN (category 1 trainer) and gave many mindfulness training courses in the past 5 years.


He is also a musician, teacher at the Conservatory of Amsterdam, and has a young family with 2 kids. A busy life: so many opportunities to put mindfulness into practice.