Workshops with beta

Yin Fascial Yoga - stress and anxiety reduction

A Trauma and Stress Release Exercise
This online workshop is an integration of Yin Fascial Yoga and TRE offering a practical understanding and experience for Trauma release. Through the use of several Yin Fascial Yoga techniques and poses the body will be guided to release trapped emotions, tensions and/or traumatic experiences stored in neuro-somatic field such as fascia, muscles, guts and skin. The practice will provide grounding, safety and release in order to create healing and self-regulation to the nerve system offering the practitioner a healing space to live life its fullest potential.
Beta will explain how trauma, stress and anxiety gets trapped on our fascial and nerve system and how to use these techniques to help release and regulate our system. Then it will be a full practice of Yin Facial Yoga focusing on TRE (Trauma Release Exercise).
You will learn
  • How to release the main fascial points that holds most of our traumas in the body
  • Fascia unwinding
  • Understand how Trauma and stress affects our lives
For whom
Yoga practitioners and teachers who would like to deepening in that subject acquiring tools to implements on their teachings or self-practice.


When: March 20th
Time: 11:00-14:00 via ZOOM
There will be a 15 min break)

Props: it is good to have a pair of tennis balls or any other Myofascial balls.

Language: English
Price: €49
No contra indications.

About the teacher:

I am Beta Lisboa, a passionate Yogini and a Somatic Trauma Healing facilitator.
I’m here to offer you a result of a more than 25 years experience of spiritual self-development journey. A refined combination of a Fascia Awareness Yoga system, Mindfulness, Myofascial Release Therapy, Trauma Release Breathwork, Somatic Experiencing, eastern and western holistic health perspectives. Culminating into a complete system dedicated for women’s embodiment, healing, health and self-care.